Video Resolution


1.) Install graphic drivers

Download drivers from here. Transfer it to your win3.x image disk with ImDisk.

Click on "Windows Setup" icon.

2.) Enjoy

Choose floppy.

3.) Enjoy

Locate drivers and choose your resolution you want.

4.) Enjoy



Here is some projects about getting screen resolution to 16:9 or 16:10 instead of 4:3. The other way is only to stretch the screen from 4:3 to widescreen, but it looks awefull. I have not yet tested all. But all red means it didn't work. All Green means it works.

Regedit v1: (Can not get it to work, when I change the value in the regedit, the resolution dissapear in the "Change windows resolution", when rightclick on the desktop)

Regedit v2:
Changing the display resolution in regedit to 1440x900:
HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG > Display > Settings > Resolution

Regedit v3:

Regedit v4: (drivers can not be installed, and changing the values in regedit does not work)

PowerStrip 3.9 edit:

SciTech Display Doctor edit:

Vesa version:

DRIVER pack version: